Something lost by fame

Hargrove posted on May 06, 2017 at 06:51

When we take a look at the TV show, we can find that the stars are becoming much younger than before. As the saying that to be known as early as possible, so the child star has become the agents’ main target. But being famous at the early age means losing childhood, when they grow up, they need to pay the price.

Many children become famous and then they will out of control when they become adults. Take Justin Bieber for example. He was famous at 16, before 19, he looked like a good boy and got so many fans. But in the following years, he became a bad boy gradually. He beat the journalists, said the dirty words to the media and even drove the car with drinking alcohol.

It is not good for the children to be famous, they should go to school and have a normal childhood. Getting fame too early will make them lose themselves and distorts their view about the value, which also make them have trouble in communicating with other people.

The price of being famous early is such terrible that it is not suitable to let the children get fame.

Zhou Ying’s heart was instantly hit by something. Perhaps it was God who had the eye to get the cup to be taken by Zhou Laosi, and then went to his own hands to find out the truth. In this way, it was the cup of deadly tea that killed Wu hired! She left the cloth shop and rushed to the casino to find the case of Zhou Laosi asking the cup. Only then did she know that the tea was dumped that day, and Wu hired a drop.

The bandits went straight into the Wu Family Intermediate Court, but they took the wrong Miss. People in Fuyang City are packing up and fleeing. Shen Xing heard someone say that the widow of the Eastern Hospital was tied up, thinking that Zhou Ying was in danger and quickly went to the crowd to look for her. He didn't realize it himself. It turned out that his intentions for this gimmick had reached such a desperate level.
That year, the flower blossoms in the 30th episode of the full circle, Shen Xing moved, worried that Zhou Ying ran to see her.

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