Excessive packaging of products

Hargrove posted on May 04, 2017 at 07:57

When people buy the products, the first thing they notice is the packaging, it is believed that the products with good packaging are in good quality. So the manufacturers pay attention to the packaging, for the purpose of selling in high price. I think most products are over packaging.

As most customers will buy the produces which are with good packaging, they will be cheated sometimes. Like the mooncake, when Mid-autumn is coming, people will buy the mooncake as the present. The good packaging will look expensive and make people feel comfortable. But the face is that mooncake is very cheap, the only reason for the high price is the packaging. People spend the money to buy the thing that can’t eat, but only look.

Packaging is like people’s outlook. But we know that outlook is not important, only the soul matters all. The quality is like the soul, we need to pay attention to the quality. The good quality deserves high price, while the bad quality with good packaging is not worth buying in high price. The excessive packaging will make people waste the money to buy the useless value.

Hu Yongmei came to visit, and Mrs. Wu felt that things were wrong and she was very distressed by this child. And the daughter of this old man just came to inquire about Zhou Ying’s whereabouts, so as to avenge it. Under the design of Du Mingli, Hu Yongmei wrote a letter to the bandits.
In that year, the 30th episode of the full moon, Du Yueli, let Hu Yumei write a letter to the bandits.

Ms. Qi came to the courtyard of the middle school to see Zhou Ying, who specially brought the gourd chicken. This is the favorite dish before Wu hired. Once Zhou Ying still wanted to learn to do it for him. Now that the people are gone, more emotions are just empty and sad. When Zhou Ying talked about Wu hired, Chun Xing inadvertently mentioned the cup that was used on the day of the death of the young master, and the cup was Bao Lai holding the tea.

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