What will college students do in the future?

Hargrove posted on May 03, 2017 at 20:47

I am a college student and I will graduate this year. When the relatives see me, they will ask me about the job. In their eyes, I can find a good job and earn a lot of money. They have the high expectation on me. Many students have the high expectation about their future because the old generation misleads them, while in fact, they are not that competitive.

In our parents’ generation, being a college student means the bright future, because at that time, less people could have the chance to go to college, what’s more, the government arranged the job for them. But in today, things are changing, college students need to find the job by themselves. As there are more and more college students, so the competition is so fierce. Still many people believe college students deserve to have the good job at the beginning, while it is wrong.

The situation is that college students should not hold the high expectation when they find the job, most of them need to start with job that is not that ideal, but if they have the ability, they will get promoted.

Du Mingli learned that the remaining three houses of Wu’s family had a comeback. He knew that he was not suitable for his shot and wanted to kill him with a knife. The news of the opening of Wujiabuye came, Hu Yumei’s hatred was even stronger, and he did not want to see the enemy so free. She couldn't think of the best way. She could only take the door to the door. Du Mingli stopped her and took the opportunity to advise her to join the bandits to avenge Zhou Ying. Hu Yumei is still wise, and when Du Mingli helped himself, he asked him what plots he had. But Du Mingli spoke meticulously about how she was saved by her in the past, and concealed the true intentions on the grounds of repaying her.

Zhou Ying found that there were too few wovens at the moment, and he planned to hire some more, and wanted to start his own business. The four masters who were brainwashed by the Taoist priests did not dare to violate the meaning of this "broomstick star" at this moment, and quickly went to work. The second master was worried about the risks. When he saw this situation, he still went by them.

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