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Linger around Disneyland
Something lost by fame
Excessive packaging of products
What will college students do in the future?

Linger around Disneyland
May 09, 2017 at 10:04

Disneyland is the world’s biggest entertainment park, it was created by Walt Disney. Nowadays, many children like to go to Disneyland and have fun for a day. Last year, my family went to Hong Kong and we spent a day in it. It was such a good memory for me.

When I went to Hong Kong, I felt so excited, because I wanted to go to Disneyland for a long time, and this time my dream finally came true. Before I came to the entrance, I saw the big pictures of the Disneyland world and the classic cartoon characters. They were so lovely. When I got to the Disneyland world, there were so many people, the atmosphere was so lively.

I was so impressed by the amusement equipments. As the music was playing, I felt myself was in the wonderland. I saw the pumpkin car, the wooden horse, the Ferris wheel and so on. I played all the amusement equipments and felt so satisfied. The most excited thing was to see the parade. I saw my favorite Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters.

I had a great day in the Disneyland world.

How can he forget that this character exists? In these cards, Vija is a demonized existence. On that day, he easily knocked down the six card repairs, making him the object of this group of people. Bagnell thundered for the incident, and their training intensity soared at a speed visible to the naked eye. For this reason, they suffered a lot. And the key is that this guy let them lose face in front of the boss.

These people look at the eyes of Vija naturally natural is not good. However, no one dared to do it. The six people who were knocked down that day were among the top leaders. Even they were so easily knocked down. Others just wanted to think about it. This guy is not one-on-one, but a pair of six! So when they saw Vija, they closed their mouths subconsciously. I dont understand the students of Siyuan University.

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Something lost by fame
May 06, 2017 at 06:51

When we take a look at the TV show, we can find that the stars are becoming much younger than before. As the saying that to be known as early as possible, so the child star has become the agents’ main target. But being famous at the early age means losing childhood, when they grow up, they need to pay the price.

Many children become famous and then they will out of control when they become adults. Take Justin Bieber for example. He was famous at 16, before 19, he looked like a good boy and got so many fans. But in the following years, he became a bad boy gradually. He beat the journalists, said the dirty words to the media and even drove the car with drinking alcohol.

It is not good for the children to be famous, they should go to school and have a normal childhood. Getting fame too early will make them lose themselves and distorts their view about the value, which also make them have trouble in communicating with other people.

The price of being famous early is such terrible that it is not suitable to let the children get fame.

Zhou Ying’s heart was instantly hit by something. Perhaps it was God who had the eye to get the cup to be taken by Zhou Laosi, and then went to his own hands to find out the truth. In this way, it was the cup of deadly tea that killed Wu hired! She left the cloth shop and rushed to the casino to find the case of Zhou Laosi asking the cup. Only then did she know that the tea was dumped that day, and Wu hired a drop.

The bandits went straight into the Wu Family Intermediate Court, but they took the wrong Miss. People in Fuyang City are packing up and fleeing. Shen Xing heard someone say that the widow of the Eastern Hospital was tied up, thinking that Zhou Ying was in danger and quickly went to the crowd to look for her. He didn't realize it himself. It turned out that his intentions for this gimmick had reached such a desperate level.
That year, the flower blossoms in the 30th episode of the full circle, Shen Xing moved, worried that Zhou Ying ran to see her.

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Excessive packaging of products
May 04, 2017 at 07:57

When people buy the products, the first thing they notice is the packaging, it is believed that the products with good packaging are in good quality. So the manufacturers pay attention to the packaging, for the purpose of selling in high price. I think most products are over packaging.

As most customers will buy the produces which are with good packaging, they will be cheated sometimes. Like the mooncake, when Mid-autumn is coming, people will buy the mooncake as the present. The good packaging will look expensive and make people feel comfortable. But the face is that mooncake is very cheap, the only reason for the high price is the packaging. People spend the money to buy the thing that can’t eat, but only look.

Packaging is like people’s outlook. But we know that outlook is not important, only the soul matters all. The quality is like the soul, we need to pay attention to the quality. The good quality deserves high price, while the bad quality with good packaging is not worth buying in high price. The excessive packaging will make people waste the money to buy the useless value.

Hu Yongmei came to visit, and Mrs. Wu felt that things were wrong and she was very distressed by this child. And the daughter of this old man just came to inquire about Zhou Ying’s whereabouts, so as to avenge it. Under the design of Du Mingli, Hu Yongmei wrote a letter to the bandits.
In that year, the 30th episode of the full moon, Du Yueli, let Hu Yumei write a letter to the bandits.

Ms. Qi came to the courtyard of the middle school to see Zhou Ying, who specially brought the gourd chicken. This is the favorite dish before Wu hired. Once Zhou Ying still wanted to learn to do it for him. Now that the people are gone, more emotions are just empty and sad. When Zhou Ying talked about Wu hired, Chun Xing inadvertently mentioned the cup that was used on the day of the death of the young master, and the cup was Bao Lai holding the tea.

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What will college students do in the future?
May 03, 2017 at 20:47

I am a college student and I will graduate this year. When the relatives see me, they will ask me about the job. In their eyes, I can find a good job and earn a lot of money. They have the high expectation on me. Many students have the high expectation about their future because the old generation misleads them, while in fact, they are not that competitive.

In our parents’ generation, being a college student means the bright future, because at that time, less people could have the chance to go to college, what’s more, the government arranged the job for them. But in today, things are changing, college students need to find the job by themselves. As there are more and more college students, so the competition is so fierce. Still many people believe college students deserve to have the good job at the beginning, while it is wrong.

The situation is that college students should not hold the high expectation when they find the job, most of them need to start with job that is not that ideal, but if they have the ability, they will get promoted.

Du Mingli learned that the remaining three houses of Wu’s family had a comeback. He knew that he was not suitable for his shot and wanted to kill him with a knife. The news of the opening of Wujiabuye came, Hu Yumei’s hatred was even stronger, and he did not want to see the enemy so free. She couldn't think of the best way. She could only take the door to the door. Du Mingli stopped her and took the opportunity to advise her to join the bandits to avenge Zhou Ying. Hu Yumei is still wise, and when Du Mingli helped himself, he asked him what plots he had. But Du Mingli spoke meticulously about how she was saved by her in the past, and concealed the true intentions on the grounds of repaying her.

Zhou Ying found that there were too few wovens at the moment, and he planned to hire some more, and wanted to start his own business. The four masters who were brainwashed by the Taoist priests did not dare to violate the meaning of this "broomstick star" at this moment, and quickly went to work. The second master was worried about the risks. When he saw this situation, he still went by them.

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